Prophecy never lies.

“He is despised and rejected of men; a man of sorrows, and acquainted with grief: and we hid as it were our faces from him; he was despised, and we esteemed him not.” – Isaiah 53:3

Donald Trump is our Lord and Savior; the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. This we know.

Why is He so hated by so many, in this country, and around the world? Prophecy never lies.

“You know, you read the Bible, and there was a point in there where God told Jeremiah, he said, “Tell them to take the yoke of Nebuchadnezzar,” and they didn’t want to do it, and you read the second Psalm which says, “Why do the nations rage, and imagine a vain thing,” and they revolt against the Lord and his anointed. I think, somehow, the Lord’s plan is being put in place for America and these people are not only revolting against Trump, they’re revolting against what God’s plan is for America. These other people have been trying to destroy America. These left-wingers and so-called progressives are trying to destroy the country that we love and take away the freedoms they love. They want collectivism. They want socialism. What we’re looking at is free markets and freedom from this terrible, overarching bureaucracy. They want to fight as much as they can but I think the good news is the Bible says, “He that sits in the heavens will laugh them to scorn,” and I think that Trump’s got something on his side that’s a lot more powerful than the media.” – Dr. Pat Robertson


No sadder scene have I observed than this.
Once bold, then bright, now bleak, they lay at last,
The leaves of autumn, wet and matted firm
Upon the pavement this November morn.
We murdered each other a hundred and thirteen times,
Yet I cannot recall our final kiss,
Or first embrace, though then it must have been
As bold as all those budding leaves of spring.

– K Poleet

“For the road to the stars was a road that forked in two directions, and neither led to a goal that took any account of human hopes or fears.” – Arthur C. Clarke, Childhood’s End


I always hate when people stare at clouds
And make believe there’s really something there,
While all the while they smile and waste the day,
Collecting memories the rain will soon erase.
They go about their lives in constant hope,
Like Sisyphus they greet the morning sun:
Today will be the day I’ll make it stay!
The hopefuls chant a child’s melody.
But toil and sweat and faith won’t change the facts,
As racing hamsters will attest to truth.
The springtime wind will mercilessly march,
Then turn and stare down at the dreaming throng;
And as the duel is ready for the off,
I’ll don my hat and bow my head in shame.

– K Poleet

“The scrupulous and the just, the noble, humane, and devoted natures; the unselfish and the intelligent may begin a movement–but it passes away from them. They are not the leaders of a revolution. They are its victims.” – Joseph Conrad, Under Western Eyes

Call the Carpenter

Forever a Carpenter ‘neath the lowing sky,
in my mind’s eye, you can see yet not be seen;
seems it’s not yet the sleeping scene…
In search of lost time, a Black Plague carrier costs one thin dime,
but just this once, mass-murder’s not really a crime;
dark skies closing in on the devil’s clever sin,
incarcerated martyrdom, don’t play dumb with me,
hand on my heart I salute the Brute with pride;
all the pansies and chrysanthemums hide
with dinosaurs and dime-store whores,
quartz crystal candlesticks sweep slick sickly fizzlesticks;
so, please play hide-and-seek with me for all eternity,
hold me, hug me, never tell me the truth;
like sand falling from my fingers, moist-lipped kisses linger,
a symphony of sympathies full of inconsistencies;
call the Carpenter a transcendental mental case, just in case…

– K Poleet

“No,” said Godfrey, with a keen decisiveness of tone, in contrast with his usually careless and unemphatic speech—”there’s debts we can’t pay like money debts, by paying extra for the years that have slipped by. While I’ve been putting off and putting off, the trees have been growing—it’s too late now. Marner was in the right in what he said about a man’s turning away a blessing from his door: it falls to somebody else.” – George Eliot, Silas Marner

Five Hundred and Twenty-Eight

Where’s my baby girl, she cries in the night;
her wailing never ceases and it’s getting on everybody’s nerves.
Send her away
Send her away, get her out of my sight,
Bellows the New Colossus.
A storm’s a-brewin’
A storm’s a-brewin’, so throw the dark brown dog out the window
before it’s too late,
they’re not gonna wait much longer
soon you’ll see all our fears come true.
What’s one more lost soul
now our ambition’s so close!
Where’s my baby girl, she cries in the night;
her wailing never ceases and it’s getting on everybody’s nerves…

– K Poleet

“America has been dealing with the problem of illegal immigrants ever since the Pilgrims landed on Plymouth Rock.” – K. Poleet


Wild ripping wind, roaring wicked beast;
planet born of sin, sacrificial feast,
nature’s catastrophic rage unleashed.
Trees and homes and stop signs crumble like brittle little twigs.
Mercy? No hope this storm brings…
Crashing, thrashing
fearsome force unfurled,
my God, my God, it’s the end of the world!

And just as fast
the tempest passed;
bloody, broken, every breath a slice of screeching pain;
as she cringed in the corner, no love remained.

He was sorry, said he’d never do it again…


– K Poleet


“Are not our lives too short for that full utterance which through all our stammerings is of course our only and abiding intention?” ― Joseph Conrad, Lord Jim

Bugs and slugs

It rained earlier tonight,
now the bugs and slugs and other nasties
are creeping and crawling about;
it’s the newness of fright
that pushes and tugs at your darkest fantasies,
yeah, that’s what I’m talking about.

It’s like ’66 at Wembley,
there’s a limp gimp making amorous advances,
a cause without a clause advances,
with all its technical advances
like a sticky cherry lollipop in your pocket

It’s the newness of the shrewdest scion around
twisting and turning the world upside-down
don’t try that shit in my little town
R.I.P. Michael Brown…

– K Poleet


“America has been dealing with the problem of illegal immigrants ever since the Pilgrims landed on Plymouth Rock.”