Mercy’s descent

I remember those happy days,
those golden days when love was like the air we breathed.
Like an old paperback, faded, yellowed,
those memories have slowly begun to die.
I still see Mercy’s smile;
but now my sight grows dim…

Falling. Slowly. Achingly slowly.
Out of the comfort of darkness, a breathlessness.
Dawn? Dawn be damned.
Crisp, white sheets flapping on the veranda,
but there, there on the deathbed of morning
a farewell warning coming late.
Much, much too late…

Stare blankly, Mercy;
your hard eyes, finally harmless,
reflect merely a lack of longing,
merely a haunting smilelessness;
like a vineyard of withering grapes,
dusty, brown, yawning a final breath;
your ever-fading long-ago day gently bends to night…

– K Poleet


We’re caught in a trap
I can’t walk out
Because I love you too much baby…

Elvis Presley – Suspicious Minds

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