Address the Elbow!

Masses raise their heads and sing
angelic praises to their King;
paper cuts and bleeding fingers,
let the wondrous pleasures linger!
We all live in cardboard boxes,
feast on wild dogs and foxes;
goat bleats in the brackish brume,
glory in the morbid gloom;
tea and truffles served too late?
Teach your children all to hate.
Address the Elbow! one and all
Address the Elbow! or we fall…

– K Poleet


“As brother stands by brother in distress, binding up his wounds and soothing his pain, so let us show our love towards our enemy. There is no deeper distress to be found in the world, no pain more bitter than our enemy’s. Nowhere is service more necessary or more blessed than when we serve our enemies.” – Dietrich Bonhoeffer, The Cost of Discipleship



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